Planters Made Out of Pallets


It’s difficult to find a reason not to love pallet planters. However, pallet planters are lightweight as well as useful for increasing your growing area and also, pallet planters will allow you to convert any area into a wall of green. And where plastic planters look vacant and unpleasant in the winter, pallet planters will give your garden a comfortable, traditional feel year-round, even before you fill up them with vegetation. If you’ve got a bit of free time and some basic equipment we suggest making your own wooden pallet planters. They’re increasingly simple to build and understanding you built it with your own hands will make it look that much better.

Wood Pallet Planter

This wooden pallet planter can be hanged up on a wall or can be placed at any side of your lawn or garden. It will give a beautiful look to your garden or lawn.

DIY Pallet Planter

These wall recycled pallet planters have a very light brown shade which will enhance the beauty of your wall. The different sections made in this wooden pallet planter are making it unique and different.

Pallet Planter Tower

This recycled pallet planter can be placed at your lawn or yard. It can stand up by itself so there is no support is needed. The planters are made in the form of drawers which is making it looks different from the others. It can keep many planters so if you are a greenery lover then you must have this pallet planter at your home.

Blue Painted Pallet Planter

These kinds of pallet planters have three different racks placed vertically in which you can place plants. If you want it to look more attractive then color it blue. Place different kinds of plants in this pallet planter to enhance its beauty.

Rolling Pallet Planter

This is a big size wooden pallet planter which can be placed in your balcony or yard. It is an easy planter project to make at home.

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